Don’t you just love the way you can stumble through an articulately written piece that expresses the way you are feeling about things at that particular moment in your life?  So here’s where we can do great book reviews of whatever I’ll be reading!


2 Responses to “BOOKS”

  1. Peter Njenga Says:

    “Words are things
    And a drop of ink
    Falling like dew upon a thought
    Produces that which makes thousands
    Perhaps millions think.”

    There is so much to learn by just reading.
    Let us learn and share.

  2. springchic Says:

    The most important thing a book has ever taught me is this simple Hebrew word, “Timshel.” It comes from the book East of Eden by one of my all-time favorites John Steinbeck, and it’s meaning is simple: Thou mayest.

    That’s it. Thou mayest. You can. Just do it. Anyway you say it, I believe it’s one of the most powerful statements that can be said. Every time I am feeling unmotivated or discouraged, that word pops into my head, putting everything back into perspective.

    Thanks for talking so much about my all-time favorite subject, books!

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