I’ve never written and had my stuff read by any public other than snoopy siblings (who don’t quite count).  So I’m coming out to see whether there are like minded people out there.  I haven’t decided on a particular style yet, so perhaps you’re going to get a bit of poetry and lots on observing life…

Please go on and share your thoughts when you do read.




2 Responses to “Hello!!”

  1. Gracie Says:

    Hi Gal,

    I always get something inspiring from ua writing. And hey,I think you are way too gifted and like my Boss said to us leo, you may be sitting on a gold mine. I believe you have just started digging…….lovely week and dont stop writing!

  2. The hyena once said to a rock: ‘even though you dont reply to me, you have heard what I heard to say’

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