December 2010

Stitch by patient stitch is how I come to be.  Look at me, I’m complex, completely different from even the one stitched just like me.  Knit, purl, was that a yarn over?  Knit two together would reduce me you’d think, but alas no, it only nudges me a little to the left so that I attain balance.

Higgledy~piggledy are all of us placed in this basket.  The contrast of colours and textures and weights keeps everything all the more interesting.  I’m dull grey, there is baby pink, ooh ice-cream peach and military green, sunny yellow too! Some colours I’ve not glimpsed as they are too many layers above me.

Squish~squash, move a little… ah there I am, it seems to be my turn to twist into shape. What will I become? I ‘ve  only ever known the stash members.  They told me stories of how others that used to belong with them were taken away and have never been seen since… I’m frightened.

3 weeks now.  This is nowhere near as painful as I thought it would be .  It’s stitch by gentle stitch. I go over the needles and form pretty knots I’m just this wide and every time I look, the thing I’m becoming (according to a piece of paper my maker keeps reading) seems to grow ever longer while my roll disappears.

I’m done.  Oh, is this where you go? You are so beautiful! Am I as good looking as you are? Do you know, when I was chosen I was so afraid because none of the others knew where I was going though they assured me that I would never be coming back!

‘Welcome to the scarf family’ I’m told. ‘You are all well met’ I say. How long does it take go get here normally? It took me 3 weeks and I was so anxious the entire time! ‘That’s the normal time’, I’m told.

I’m going out to the world, draped on a long graceful neck. I complement the blouse; grey-on-white we are ever so dapper! Wow! Look at the world! The bus speeds along, carrying us to our destination. I have so much to tell my friends…

Today we went out for a concert.  It was drizzling a little and people looked cold, but not we. I did my job splendidly, not only was my neck warm, I also looked dazzling draped there.

This is the life! If I had the chance I’d tell all the raw balls to be patient because the transformations is absolutely worth the wait.

I’m no longer a dull grey ball of wool.  I am now a hand stitched designer scarf!


I want to be 20 again and have a tiny little waist that 20″, a flat stomach and killer sharp dress sense strictly in jeans.

I want to be 20 again, and go out dancing from dusk to dawn then still get to class bright and early the following morning, my creed being work hard party harder.

I want to be 20 again and travel the world on a whim.

I want to be 20 again and think only about keeping my grades up and looking fantastic for my next hot date.

I want to be 20 again and have hours to while away with my friends.

I want to be 20 again and, believing the world is my oyster, have so much to look forward to every day.

I want to be 20 again, full of youthful impatience and bursting with enthusiasm to embrace all that life has to offer.

I want to be 20 again with bright eyes brimming with curiosity and a spirit unblemished by heartbreak.

I want to be 20 again bubbling with vigor and ready to dive into the cornucopia that is life’s experiences.

I want to be 20 again and dare!