June 2009

There are people that really seem to get what life is about. They are out there making a difference and their personal credo seems to be:

I am only one,
But still, I am one
I cannot do everything,
But still, I can do something
And since I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.

What is it about these people that makes them ideal, the sort of person that we all need to become? A long time ago I came across a summarisation of the 10 qualities of just this sort of person.

Proactive and effective – they take the initiative to do things, achieving results by maximising time and resources.

Visionary – has a clear end goal before carrying out any action

Responsible – for herself and the world around; knows how to prioritise actions

Seeks first to understand-listens to what others are trying to communicate and why, before reacting.

Thinks win-win – looks for maximum benefit of all involved

Interdependent – synergises and sees the connectedness among things

Life-long learner – continuously seeks to improve

Critical thinker – analyses reality around and is able to have his own perceptions and concepts

Cultured – knowledge of history, current trends and topics that matter to the development of nations; speaks a 2nd 3rd … language

Skilled – abilities that enable him to put ideas into actions through projects and programs within the framework of life.

Let’s be a better people.


Foolish is craving his touch
Foolish is sleep deprivation and 4 am trysts
Foolish is fascination with all that’s dangerous
Foolish is looking forward to doing it all again.
Foolish is as foolish does.

He is the love of my life.
I love him without knowing where that love will take me.
We parted ways an age ago .
Now a sweet wrapper reminds me of something he gave.
An upcoming event brings up yet another memory
I laugh to myself like a loon
Reminiscing first love’s innocence
Oh the stunts I pulled.
I miss him. It no longer aches.
I know he dwells on a reserved chunk of the love I have to give.
I learned to love.
I’ve met and loved the love of my life.
I’ve loved and lost the love of my life
Yet my life is richer for the loss.
I love you.