September 2008

You’re an obsession in my mind

I’m focused on you

Do I occupy as much of your grey matter

As you do mine?

I’m walking down the street

A fellow pedestrian spots me

Smiling foolishly to myself

‘eeh siste, unafuraha, hivyo ni vizuri’

I was thinking of you

It’s blissfully fair

Only because you’re unaware

Then again, would you run if you knew?


Miaka nenda miaka rudi


Halafu ukatimua

Kaniacha mahututi

Sasa unataka rudi

Tuwe marafiki

Wasema nitabarikiwa

Kwani wewe mtumwa?

Mimi hayo mambo siyataki

Achana na michezo

Nenda zako, nenda zako

Nyumba ishafungika

Nilimtupa mwanasesere

Kafungia ushanga

Ndoto za kurudiana

Hatuwezi patana


Poteza njia

Sahau uhai wangu

Kajifanye msafiri

Kwenye safari sambamba na yangu

Mimi sasa ni buheri wa maendeleo.

The single thread that forms the foundation of a spider’s web is very flimsy and insignificant as it starts spinning.

Over time however, the thread is spun and woven, the design becoming more intricate. The juxtaposition of each new twine makes the web bigger and sturdier, as it meets at increasing points. Overall this makes the web more complex and most of all stronger; way too tangled to know where one strand begins and another ends.

This is how I’ve come to understand close friendship. At some point my four friends and I were individuals with some interaction. Over time though, our lives have been crossing and intertwining so much so that the bond that holds us together is akin to the spider’s silken thread.

You cannot really trace where it began, and have absolutely no idea where it may end. The points at which this silken thread of friendship crosses increase as the days of interaction increase.

Let’s hear it for true friendship – it’s positively special!